unsung folk

An original songwriting project by Goldstein

Peter McIntyre and the band

UnSung Folk is a celebration of unique South Australians who have impacted generations.

The project by Adelaide folk rock band Goldstein is based on a series of personal interviews conducted by the band with inspiring men and women from all walks of life. 

Their feats are incredible but their stories are largely unknown or at risk of being lost to future generations. The result is a collection of original and honest songs about people, places and events that have shaped our history. 

From activists and rebel rousers to trailblazers and living legends – these are the songs for the UnSung.

Adam and Ben with Jenny Williams

Aim of UnSung Folk project

Our band and the original music we create is in line with the folk tradition – we focus on telling stories about the people and places we know.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, with live gigs on hold for a time, we turned our attention to creating a songwriting project that draws on our music roots but involves more personal subject matter.  

We wanted to focus on people who we think deserve to have a song written about them. They are not the high flyers or those with their name currently up in lights, but they are influential all the same.

Casey Treloar and Adam

To have someone trust you to write a song about them is a privilege but also a daunting responsibility. 

At all times, we want to be authentic and honest in our approach in sharing their stories. 

The UnSung 

We’re interested in people who have made a unique impact on the State and whose stories may not be as well known to a wider audience or a new generation.

When choosing the people to profile in this project we look for someone who:

  • Has a great story to tell and one we feel needs to be shared
  • Through his or her actions has impacted the community
  • We feel genuinely interested in and have a connection with.

Our first song was for Findon Skid Kids founder Mick Harley, which we were fortunate to play to him before he passed away.  Mick’s incredible attitude to life and what he achieved for his community epitomizes what the UnSung Folk project is all about.

Adam and Mick Harley

We’ve since also interviewed and written songs (see links below) for shark attack survivor and conservationist Rodney Fox, classical musician Niki Vasilakis, cricketer Peter McIntyre, dairy farming advocate Casey Treloar, female sports trailblazer/agitator Jenny Williams and environmentalist Dr John Wamsley with songs currently in progress for other inspiring men and women.

Adam with John Wamsley

Everyone we have worked with in this project has been very generous in giving their time and their trust in us to tell their story.

Watching someone listen back to your original song about them for the first time is nerve wracking – you never know how they will react.

We filmed these candid reactions and had everything from tears, laughter to nervous relief and quiet contemplation.

Niki Vasilakis and Adam

For us, the UnSung Folk project is an absolute privilege and the best experience a bunch of songwriters and musicians could hope for. 

Rodney Fox and Adam

Check out our UnSung Folk interviews & songs (with more currently in production)

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